Non-Montreal Geography Trivia

Let’s expand our horizons a bit and get off the island this week.

The following is a geography quiz question unrelated to Montreal, but not too far from it either.

Trivia Nov. 23

What is this the shape of?

UPDATE: Well, I didn’t fool nobody this week. Everyone clued in, but Mathieu Leduc-Hamel was the first to say the magic number: 132. The entire highway from the U.S. border at Dundee all the way up to Gaspé and then back to form a loop that ends at Sainte-Flavie is 1,577 kilometres long (according to Google Maps), but only 678 kilometres if you don’t do that loop at the end.

Following a straighter line is Highway 138, which is 1,373km including a ferry trip at Tadoussac on the mouth of the Saguenay river. But that doesn’t include a 70km section near the Labrador border at Blanc-Sablon. Since there’s no road from Natashquan to Vieux-Fort, getting there requires doubling back, taking the ferry to Matane, travelling through northern New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, taking another ferry from Sydney to Newfoundland, driving the western Newfoundland coast and taking yet another ferry to Blanc-Sablon, a trip of 2,395km that would take almost two days of continuous driving.

15 thoughts on “Non-Montreal Geography Trivia

  1. Sid

    I have driven all of the Rt 138 from Dundee to Havre St-Pierre. That was a while ago, and then they went and lengthened it to Natashquan. The north shore route is amazing.

    I have Rt 138 in my blood. I was actually born in a hospital right on the Rt 138. (The nickname I use here is the name of the person who was born in the same hospital on the same day as me, although he is not the actual source of the nickname.)

  2. Christelle

    Woohoo! Talking about my town, Blanc-Sablon!

    One day we hope the road 138 will be completed, the missing piece of it built. But it’s a dream that’s been around for 40-50 years and I doubt I’ll see it happening in my lifetime.


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