Montreal Geography Trivia No. 62

Image from Google Street View

Image from Google Street View

That may look like unexplored prairies beyond, but it will soon become an important traffic link on the island of Montreal. Where is it?

UPDATE: It is, of course, Cavendish Blvd. in St. Laurent, overlooking its coming extension to Henri-Bourassa Blvd. Of course, who knows when it will actually happen. Marc was the first with the right answer and is this week’s winner.

12 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 62

  1. Marc

    Hi, it’s at the northern end of Cavendish, just south of the golf course. Screenshot from Google map address 14938 Boulevard Cavendish, St-Laurent.

  2. Jim

    That’s Challenger Golf Course in Bois Franc. Site of the extension/connection of Cavendish to Boul. Toupin. It’s a shame as that course is a nice oasis in the middle of the island.

  3. David Pinto

    These cars are waiting for the Cavendish extension to be built — you know, the extension that has been promised for about 40 years, but hasn’t been buiilt because of all the gutless politicians.

  4. AWESOMEMICHAEL1999 from dirty jerzy

    Though I hasten to add that the area that the street view is taken isn’t to be extended, as I understand it. Cavendish is to be extended between NDG and CSL, not across the golf course around bois franc. :-o


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