Montreal Geography Trivia No. 67

This map notes some of the locations of something that used to be all over the city but no longer exists.

What is it?

UPDATE: A bunch of you guessed correctly: These are Steinberg’s store locations on the island.

For those new to the city or too young to remember, Steinberg’s (later without the apostrophe-S) was Quebec’s first and largest supermarket throughout most of the 20th century. Based in Montreal, it expanded throughout the city and then throughout the province and into eastern Ontario as well. But financial pressures led to its decline in the 1980s and by 1992 they had all disappeared.

Their memory is kept alive on Flickr’s Ghosts of Steinberg account, which collects photos of former Steinberg locations. It’s explained by Chris DeWolf on Spacing Montreal in 2008.

You can check out my map (locations taken from Ghosts of Steinberg and a few other locations) on Google Maps here.

19 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 67

  1. Franc

    Great trivia again! My initial thought was Steinberg, too! I’m from the east end, and the ones in Galeries D’anjou and corner of Sherbrooke and Langelier made sense in that respect. However, it’s the one in Pointe-aux-Trembles that threw me off! You put the Steinberg on Notre-Dame E. and 32nd avenue, when the Steinberg was actually on Shrebrooke E. and Tricentenaire Blvd (unless is was down on Notre-Dame before that…)

    1. Steve Hatton

      What threw me off was that the one I went to when I was kid (Rockland Centre) wasn’t even on the map. But then again the quiz clearly states that the map notes “some” of the locations.

  2. wkh

    It scares me there is an entire website devoted to documenting old Steinberg’s. There’s something very much like a twisted “Rule 34” about it…


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