6 thoughts on “They call him sexy

  1. wkh

    You’ve become extroverted in your media fanboy-dom of late. I miss hearing what you think about Stuff. You’re becoming the TMZ of Montreal media. You’ve so much more talent.

  2. corinthian rick

    Hm..Laura is a little hot in spite of her dopeyness. Cut Tommy out of the vid and give her a hairbrush to lip synch in and you’ve got 20 million people (inexplicably) clicking on this video.

  3. Steve Kowch

    Dancin Tommy … who knew he had the moves … makes me want to write another book … 99 things that happen to you when you make it big in media

    1. ck

      Steve, make sure it don’t have pictures though. You don’t want your readers going nauseous. Career killer.

      I don’t know you, but something tells me if you want to be taken seriously as an author, don’t write about that drivel. Write something of substance, whatever your interest or expertise is.

      Lo-wa & Washed-up Tommy who should be sent to retire would take up maybe 3 pages, and that includes fluff words, cover and table of contents. I mean it,


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