4 thoughts on “Honouring our lovely ladies

  1. James

    You’re trying to draw some sort of sarcastic conclusion, I’m guessing? Celebrities are paid to look good, they are a product. How we view them is completely separated from the point you are trying to make that it boggles my mind that you are even hinting they’re connected.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Me? Sarcasm? Never.

      I just notice that there aren’t many tweets judging the men at the Oscars by the most superficial aspects possible.

      1. Saraline

        Tom Hanks looked like a horse’s ass in that ugly tuxedo.*

        *disclaimer: I didn’t watch the Oscars and I have no idea what Tom Hanks was wearing.

        1. Fassero

          Hanks looked pleasantly plump (and overtanned) on Colbert last night :)

          The men don’t get judged because they all wear the same black tuxedos. Besides, those women on the red carpet WANT to be judged (or, at worst, their publicists more than encourage them to be). If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be accepting the wide assortment of free bling and clothes loners offered to them.

          As for the tweets…..well, I guess it’s easier to comment on what somebody looks like in 144 characters than pondering why Oscar producers let Ben Stiller come on to a stage every year with his forever-long (and embarrassingly unfunny) skits. Actually, I was more bothered that while a glass ceiling was shattered by a female winning Best Director, producers felt it appropriate to seat her directly in front of the director of the two biggest box office movies of all time (yes, not adjusting for inflation) to make sure everyone was reminded that they were married once.


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