12 thoughts on “How’s my hair?

  1. Jean Naimard

    What’s wrong with here?

    (following my contractuous typo, in case someone wants to make it a quizz, it’s taken at the corner of Mc-Gill and Sherbrooke).

  2. wkh

    Let’s be honest, no one wants to see ugly people on tv. it’s part of their job to look good and not like an unkempt mess, unless they’re reporting from a (preferably over heated) disaster/war zone.

  3. John M

    Definitely looking attractive from that angle. Guess that’s why she’s on TV instead of in print…. **ahem**

  4. Seth

    She looks like Twiggy. I bet the two helpers have clumsily hit on her several times, and their wives hate meeting her at the annual Xmas party. What? Don’t You over-analyze pictures, too?

  5. ATSC

    It has to be a student production of some sort. Nobody sends out a 3 person crew to do a on-cam these days.

  6. Thomas Kirke

    I wonder if she dates older out-of-province men who don’t speak French very well but are open to new experiences and are willing to relocate?


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