Le Devoir starts podcast

Continuing its year-long project of pretending everyone cares about its 100-year history, Le Devoir has launched a podcast (“baladodiffusion”, in the proper français), in which it invites people to tell stories about the past century. To kick it off, Clémence Desrochers talks about the 1955 Rocket Richard Riot, and Claude Robinson talks about Nelson Mandela.

They’re short vignettes, 7-8 minutes long. No interviews, just someone telling a story with a bit of music in the background.

Maybe this will appeal to some people, but to me, if you’re just going to read some text into a microphone and call it a podcast, why not just give us the text and let us read it to ourselves?

Perhaps I’m being too harsh. Perhaps there’s a value to having Claude Robinson read stuff to you. You be the judge.

You can subscribe to Le Devoir’s podcast here or through iTunes.

3 thoughts on “Le Devoir starts podcast

  1. Philippe Casgrain

    I think you’re being too harsh. Having a story read to you (especially by a familiar voice like Clémence Desrochers) is very different than reading it yourself. Not to mention that you can listen when doing something else, like exercising or the dishes…

  2. Seth

    100 years of stories, and they start with the Richard Riot? Why not just read us The Hockey Sweater, or something else we’ve heard countless times?


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