The experts have spoken

Capitals in four

Capitals in five

Capitals in six

Capitals in seven

  • Nobody.

Canadiens in seven

Canadiens in six

Canadiens in five

  • Nobody.

Canadiens in four

  • You know who you are


  • Canadiens win: 5
  • Capitals win: 38
  • Series goes seven games: 1

23 thoughts on “The experts have spoken

  1. John M

    Pretty pathetic yelling and screaming about something like this. It’s a sport. A sport with people making millions, but a sport none the less. You want to get angry about something worthwhile? Yell and scream about the givernment and how they spend people’s money like it’s water, because they can always squeeze more out of us for false statements about improving medical care and helping the poor. Don’t yell and scream over a game.

    I hope this idiot yells and screams himself into a heart attack and with his last breath realizes how stupid that all is….

  2. Dahlia

    So much for so-called “experts”. It just goes to show that you can’t predict diddly squat in the playoffs.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      In their defence, sports columnist playoff predictions aren’t really meant to be taken seriously. They know the playoffs are unpredictable. That’s why they’re played, and why they’re watched.

  3. Youppi!

    For the record, that caller was right. We won because of Halak and the decision to use Bergeron only on the powerplay.

  4. mike

    I can never hear enough from couch athletes. Would be funny if not so sad & ignorant.
    One might argue the fans are owed by these ,(compared to Allouettes), these spoiled overpaid showmen. NOT really TRUE. When they play,they play ~~ really play. Ass sitting, is one of this old man’s favourite sports ~ & since I know nothing about coaching, the business end, etc., ~~ I am happy to just be a fan;sorrowful in loss & exultant in victory. I don’t yell at those whom I have no say with – except to my wife under my breath. I save my yelling for what I know about and can help with. Hockey is a show & I just enjoy. The caller may be supporting Molson’s more then do I. GO HABS GO! Penguins in 5. If you don’t,I may shed a tear & will be back nxt yr. If you do, YAY! Keep going fwd. No i in team, means no name calling – at least to me.

  5. Karine

    I had Caps in five and am darn mad they crumbled. Not that I’m a Canadiens hater, just annoyed with how they squandered their sure place in the series and had to wait for another team to lose their game in order to make the series…

  6. Fassero

    It’s always been said that, in the playoffs, you can cover up a lot of deficiencies with a hot goalie. Because of Halak, Canadian hockey fans can now enjoy what should be two dynamite series (because the Blackhawks-Canucks is not going to be a slouch in the entertainment department either.)

    As for predictions……those are for people in hockey pools. And no offence to the caller getting a coronary but Jacques Martin might be the second or third biggest reason why the Habs are where they are. He’s the right kind of coach for this kind of team. Mind you, so would have been Carbonneau or Julien but that’s another story.

  7. Soranar

    Actually , Ronald King from LaPresse called the Habs winning in 6

    I actually bet on the Habs winning in 7 (only a meal, but I was voting with my heart and my hatred of Ovechkin)

  8. No Agenda

    I loved listening to Sal on the Team 990! If it weren’t for Sal I don’t think the Canadiens would of won. Sal mentioned all the things going wrong for the Habs going into game 3 and in game 7 all the guys mentioned played excellent.

        1. Jim J.

          Didn’t realize Tremblay was a hockey expert

          Rick Moffat is a hockey expert? I just sort of thought he was a blowhard who gets paid to say either unintelligent or painfully obvious things on the radio.

      1. Jim J.

        Oddly enough, your employer seemed to think that this prediction was notable enough to place it as one of the most prominent items at the top of their home page for several hours on Thursday.

  9. Anonymous

    cbc radio played a clip today on home run of L Ian MacDonald calling, at the start of the series, Habs in 7.

  10. Kevin

    That caller rules!

    If it’s Habs-Bruins in the next round, I’m going to get confused when someone yells “Bergeron sucks” — which one do they mean?


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