Flyers win Stanley Cup

... or not.

On second thought, maybe it’s cruel to throw in the faces of these poor players and fans that they came so tantalizingly close to winning the Stanley Cup and their dreams have been irreconcilably crushed, yet again.

But then, these are the Flyers we’re talking about.

5 thoughts on “Flyers win Stanley Cup

  1. Elsa

    Its sad they make all this merchandise to sell just in case the Flyers did win the Stanley Cup final and then they don’t…but I’m happy for Chicago

    1. Fagstein Post author

      i don’t know how much of this is actually made (I’d guess fairly little) before the Stanley Cup is awarded. But the T-shirts and hats are made in advance so they can be given to the players on the ice as soon as the Cup is won.

    2. Marc

      In impovershed countries, the Flyers will be the champs since that’s where all the hats, etc will be sent.


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