Dorchester Square reopens

After what seems like decades of renovation, the city has finally reopened Dorchester Square to the public. The grass is lush and green, park benches are plentiful, the walkway is new and clean, and pretty flowers surround the central monument.

Didn’t take long for the first litter to appear, though.

UPDATE (June 29): The Gazette has a story about the reopening, a photo gallery of the square – past and present – and a 360-degree panorama from the centre of the new square. The project also has its own website.

3 thoughts on “Dorchester Square reopens

  1. Maria Gatti

    Well, some humans have to mark their territory, like dogs or tomcats. I hope you picked up the litter?

    They certainly seem to have improved the northern end.

  2. Bobby

    The across-the-street Place du Canada park is also going to get a facelift. The P-de-C terraces out over the escarpment, which was one potential 1960s plan to extend many parts of modern downtown to the south: on terraces (a bit like atlanta I am told)! Thank gawd that didn’t happen! (Sorry for using terrace as a verb).


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