17 thoughts on “He’s like Hitler, get it?

  1. Soranar

    But Hitler was all about accomplishments (goes with the whole master race thing). So wouldn’t he be for returning to the moon?

    Thus Obama would be anti-Hitler.

    I’m guessing that type of mustache is not making a comeback for a while.

  2. Jim J.

    These are also the same people who allege that Queen Elizabeth II is the head of an international drug cartel. So, you know, one shouldn’t be surprised by this.

  3. Vahan

    These nut jobs drive me crazy. I have never understood this fascination of people drawing a mustache on Obama to show him as “evil”. They write things like the President is a puppet while they themselves are being manipulated by fake grassroots (or as it is being called astroturf) organizations. The tea party nut cases in the U.S are being strung along by sick minded old white angry men who don’t want things to change. Change is bad, progress is evil, their religion is better than others and women have the right to choose as long as the choice is to keep the baby and premarital sex is awful, unless it is a politicians daughter who is knocked up, then don’t you dare bring the family into it. We may have some nut jobs here in Montreal, but as a society I feel we are light years ahead than most of the rest of North America. I invite all progressive people to move to Montreal, this will help push, the few crazies left here, off the island where they could run around like chicken little.

  4. ladyjaye

    The only time I ever saw in person such nutjobs waving signs comparing Obama to Hitler was at Bonaventure Metro, a few months ago. I resisted getting into an argument with them, since they’re probably deaf to anything that deviate from their own opinion.

  5. Vahan

    One thing I forgot to mention is the irony these crackpots don’t see. If Obama is truly like Hitler, all these protesters would suddenly be sent to some cold northern frontier. We have to allow every aluminum hat wearing soap boxer to stand around and yell to prove that our democracy works. As long as words are the only thing being thrown around we are still good. Don’t silence anyone.

  6. yo-man

    you’ll find these guys all over montreal. every once in a while they pop up in every neighbourhood. always revealing (pushing) some sort of hidden global agenda that is controlling us all.

    I believe Mr. Fagstein is himself a agent of these global forces acting as a lefty counter wait to confuse the public, and to work trying to discredit the truth. You’ll even notice that his face is half covered on his site. Hidden below is his Hitler Mustache.

    Oh ya Man. You can hide all you want. As the old 1990’s saying goes, The Truth Is Out There.

  7. Martin Lemieux

    Ah yes, them. I usually see them standing near the Grande Bibliothèque exit at Berri-Uqam.
    I didn’t know they were a US import. It figures.

  8. MTLskyline

    Funny thing that Lyndon LaRouche would compare Barack Obama to Hitler when he is the one who is extremely anti-Semitic. Interesting to note that LaRouche is a Democrat and pledged his organization’s support for John Kerry in 04 (he also believes that 9/11 was an inside job by the Bush administration/evil Zionists).

  9. Philip

    Who is this Lyndon Larouche exactly? I admit I ‘m not to up to date on my American politics. All I know is I see them all the time in front of the Snowdon Metro. A few year’s ago, they were painting mustaches on George Bush’s face, now they are painting mustaches on Obama. Was Larouche Democrat or a Republican?

    Is this guy a crackpot like the Jews for Jesus or the Westboro Baptist Church who picketed Heath Ledger’s funeral because he played a Gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain?

    1. yo-man

      These guys have been around forever. Conspiracy theory politics. They have a Canadian arm. In fact I remember them even being on the ballot in one of the 1990’s federal election in Montreal!

      Worth a good laugh.

      But, they do seem to be able to tap into peoples fears of conspiracies to explain all the problems in ones personal life and the World’s problems in terms of politics and economics.

      You know, in a free society, we can all voice our fears, it just takes a fool in a free society to latch onto somebody else’s fears.

      Oh wait, that’s how politics works. Ya see, a good laugh.

      Here is the wikipedia entry…

  10. gg

    They really are a strange bunch. Not just conspiracy wackiness, but also a bizarre political program. I interviewed a LaRouche party candidate for parliament in the 1990s and he told me about their plan to build a land bridge between Russia and Alaska.

    Completely. Nuts.

  11. K-Man

    Lyndon LaRouche’s minions have been trolling the sidewalks, Metro stations and campuses of this city since before I was even in university. Waaay back in the 80s…

    I encounter them now as they chat-up the impressionable teens that are scurrying over to Alexis-Nihon Plaza from Dawson. I guess the Metro cops have no problem with them clogging up the pedestrian flow (unless they are persons of colour, but that’s another story.) In any case, LaRouche has been around for decades and will always attract a certain-minded following. He’s so left-wing that he’s circled around back to the right. He hates everyone equally and seems to include the idea of *conspiracy* into every aspect of his beliefs.

    Rule of thumb: Do not engage. Just walk on by and smirk to yourself knowing that they are as stupid as they are dumb.


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