Two weathertudes

Left: Summer; Right: Winter

Apparently the part of the city east of the Olympic Stadium is in winter right now. But the part west of it is still summer.

The Olympic Stadium sits just on the edge of summer

Good thing I live on the west side.

5 thoughts on “Two weathertudes

  1. Vahan

    This is how winter looks from satellite? Ugly. It looks more like Blitzkrieged (could we use that as a verb?) Europe circa WWII.
    Winter is more beautiful and colourful at street level in Montreal, until the holiday lights come down and the city tries to save a few pennies by sending out cleaning crews only during regular working hours, no overtime. By the way have you seen the state of some sidewalks and we are only, what, two weeks into the weather? We’ll shrug it off, call ourselves “tough” Montrealers, grin and bear it as part of living in this city, while the politicians get limoed around town to celebrate the season with champagne and slap each other on the backs. Lower middle class is a bitch.

  2. George across the border in Ontario

    What’s interesting is that when you go to a “street view” of a house that’s in the winter zone, it suddenly becomes summer!

  3. Charles Magnan

    The same thing happened on the satellite view of Trois-Rivières a while back. As you would move up west on Notre Dame Est, winter would suddenly appear, and just across the St. Laurent, it was summer. They’ve since fixed this by taking new shots and stitching them together as they do with all their images.


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