15 thoughts on “Caption Paul Karwatsky and his invisible news story

  1. Roger

    This is the filler part of the news where I make something up from the top of my head until we get to our next segment.

  2. Meaning of Life

    “Welcome to CTV News Zen. It’s everything. And nothing. We now pause for a moment of silent meditation”

  3. Jim P

    ” Tonight’s lead story is about the future of tourism in Montreal this summer. With student protests ongoing, sink holes, & construction making traffic a nightmare, Mayor Tremblay had a press conference from inside the closed Ville Marie Tunnel. We have that story now…

  4. Viewer

    “Several months ago Todd left CTV Montreal for a big national gig. So how are viewers reacting across Canada? (pause) (pause) (pause). Well there you have it.”

  5. Chris

    Postmedia has announced that they will be eliminating 23 positions at The Gazette and have offered what the Front page will be looking like what once the changes have been put in place

  6. pefder magfok

    We can confirm that the Classe/Claq students have now captured Montreal and this view from Mont Royal shows the downtown engulfed in smoke during the battle. The Canadian army has admitted defeat and has moved to block or blow up all the bridges linking Montreal island to contain the students to the island. We confirm reports that Outremont and Westmount are in ashes.

    In other news Celine Dion’s Laval waterfront mansion has been sold to a member of the Demarais family.

  7. Anthony

    And after what looked like a week of hell for Montreal, tonight’s top story is nothing. Yes, nothing. In fact, we’ll blank out the screen for the next 3 minutes. In those 3 minutes try to reflect on your humanity. If you’re in the company of other people, trying opening up a dialog about your existential experiences. Reflect on your own mortality and try to see the impermanence within all things. For once, don’t give way to the incessant chatter of your minds, don’t scramble for your laptop, ipods, ipads, or iphones. Sit there, in the solitude of your space, and just be. Mitz….


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