13 thoughts on “Caption Terry DiMonte and a cop

  1. Eric

    Terry : Hey can you use pepper spray on a steak ?
    Cop : Maybe, but guess what I’m gonna do with my OJ Simpson black glove in a minute….

  2. Sheldon

    Police officer to DiMonte: Some guy named “Bird” is looking for you. He’s over there somewhere looking for a radio station float to jump on.

  3. Pefder Magfrok

    “Um Mr Dimonte sir, I have to inform you that is not a hat but is a bucket we used to contain vomit from the CBC float. ”

    “Arrrrgh you can’t fool me…. that beer in the budket tasted fine to me. Brruurrpp”

  4. Lorne

    Dimonte to cop: Just so you guys know, I’ll be the one going to the Grand Prix with this hat on, so you will know to let me through without a search.

  5. dave

    Don’t get me wrong, I like they get-up, I just don’t see a place for you in our Village People tribute band….


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