Time for everyone’s favourite game show: “Is It Still Good?”

You know how to play. Look at the photos below and judge for yourself: Is this good enough to pick out of the garbage?

If you like what you see, you win it! Just find it on the street and grab it before someone else does.

It would be ridiculous to extrapolate based on a few minutes of looking around a neighbourhood, but let’s do it anyway. In addition to the usual old mattresses and decrepit sofas, I’ve noticed a lot of large-screen CRT television sets, I’m guessing from people who have since bought flat-screen HDTVs. There’s also lots of computer equipment that looks like it’s only a few years old.

I hope most of the stuff being thrown away is non-functional, but I fear much of it is just less desirable by their former owners, who are too lazy to donate it somewhere. Let’s hope most of the good stuff gets picked up before it’s thrown into the back of a garbage truck, rained on (again) or absorbs too much of that garbage smell.

4 thoughts on “Time for everyone’s favourite game show: “Is It Still Good?”

  1. Jim Todd

    I’m with you on hoping that the items that still work get picked up. I was given a new flatscreen TV for Christmas, and my brother picked up the old CRT television I had been using, saying it was going to charity. That was great to hear. It worked just fine – nothing wrong with it, so if someone else could use it, then that was great.

  2. David Pinto

    Well, I have a chair — ordinary, straight-backed chair, nothing fancy — that I found that is now sitting in my main room just a few steps away from me. Found another chair but it was rather deteriorated — I could have taken it but it is barely presentable in case I have visitors. More importantly, I found some stuff on St. Catherine St. just a few blocks from my place — one of the items is, well, I guess you could fancify it and call it a coffee table, but it is really just an ordinary wooden table, except that it is maybe five or six feet wide — nice to put a meal on, or read
    newspapers on.

  3. Jean Naimard

    2 years ago, I saw on Dandurand near Papineau a pretty decent dryer+washer set with a sign “works, take it!”…


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