International Radio Report turns 25

International Radio Report hosts Sheldon Harvey (right) and Janice Laws (second from right) with guests during their 25th anniversary show on Sunday.

It seems like it’s been there forever, and it has, if “forever” starts when CKUT started broadcasting in 1987. The International Radio Report, a half-hour weekly show about radio broadcasting locally and internationally, has been on since the station’s first week. Every Sunday at 10:30am, hosts Sheldon Harvey and Janice Laws provide a brief synopsis of what is going on that week in the radio scene.

I’m a regular listener, and if you’re interested in local radio you might want to be as well. And I’m not just saying that because they mention this blog and my stories a lot.

It’s a show that runs on a shoestring budget. In fact, it runs on a budget of zero, and consists entirely of two people talking about stuff they heard for half an hour, almost always running out of time long before they run out of material. It’s dry, but it’s informative, a compilation of news about radio that nerds like me (and probably you) find interesting but few others might.

Anyway, the show and the station are both celebrating 25 years on the air, and the International Radio Report is broadcasting a one-hour special on Sunday, from 10:30 to 11:30am, with special guests and other anniversary-show stuff.

You can listen to past episodes of the show on CKUT’s website, subscribe to it as a podcast, or check out its Facebook page (where links to source information are posted) for more information.

UPDATE: If you missed it, the show is archived on the CKUT website. You can download an MP3 of the full hour-long show here (64kbps, 28MB) or a higher-quality version here (128 kbps, 55MB).

3 thoughts on “International Radio Report turns 25

  1. Sheldon

    Thank you so much, Steve, and thanks for everything you do with this blog. The work and effort you put in doesn’t get praised enough…and I’m not saying that because you talked about the show!

  2. Keith Perron

    The file of the show will remain at the CKUT site for only a few weeks. PCJ has made the full program available here

    Also November 24th and 25th PCJ Radio International will present a special broadcast of the 25th anniversary special. The details are:
    On November 23rd 8PM Eastern (November 24th 0100UTC) on 9955khz PCJ Radio International will present a special broadcast for the 25th Anniversary of the International Radio Report with Sheldon and Janice. This targeting listeners in the Caribbean, Latin America and North America.

    We will also relay this special program to New Zealand on FM VIA World FM 88.2fm to Tawa, South Hertz Radio in the UK.

    A special edited 30min edition for the World Radio Network’s satellite feed to Asia/Africa/Pacific/Europe and North America. In North America the program can be heard Sunday November 25th at 1830UTC on SirusXM Channel 120 and in Europe at 1000UTC on SkyDigital 122.

    SATURDAY – Latin America – 0100UTC – 9955khz
    SUNDAY – North America – 1830UTC – 9955khz

    SATURDAY – Africa & Asia – 1500UTC – World Radio Network
    SUNDAY – Europe – 1000UTC – World Radio Network, SkyDigital Channel 122
    SUNDAY – North America – 1830UTC – World Radio Network, SirusXM Channel 120

    More information here:


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