The Jewel 106.7 Hudson launches Monday … live from Hawkesbury

The Jewel 106.7

Five years after the initial CRTC application for a new radio station serving Montreal’s western off-island community, two and a half years after it was given a licence, and four months after it started testing, CHSV-FM The Jewel 106.7 finally comes to life Monday morning with regular programming.

The lineup

As previously announced, Ted Bird is the big star being brought on to host the morning show, 5:30-10am weekdays. Joining him is Tanya Armstrong, a Montrealer who’s not as well known but who has been around Montreal radio many years. Her CV on LinkedIn lists experience with WebSports Media, the people behind the Montreal Hockey Talk show. Previously she worked as an intern on CHOM and did production on what was then Team 990. She’ll be handling news and traffic on the show.

Producing their show is Kris Leblanc, who will also be hosting on weekends. He’s worked previously at Mix 96, CJAD, 940 News and K103.

The afternoon drive show, from 3 to 7pm, will be hosted by Bob Coley, a voice-over artist who lives in Hudson and previously worked at CHOM and CKTS 900 AM in Sherbrooke. He’ll be joined by Sylvia Asche Bullard doing news and traffic. Bullard worked at CJMQ in Sherbrooke, the English-language Townships community station, as well as for the Canadian Traffic Network and The Jewel in Ottawa.

Leblanc, Coley and “another announcer still to be determined” will host weekend shows. The rest of the schedule will be syndicated, including middays (10am-3pm is John Tesh) and evenings (The Jewel’s The Lounge, 7-11pm).

Ted Silver, program director for The Jewel stations in Hudson and eastern Ontario, says there may still be “some surprise announcements” concerning programming.

The location

Even though they’ve been working on this station for half a decade, owner Evanov Radio hasn’t found it a home in Hudson yet, so for the time being it’ll be broadcasting out of the office of its sister station The Jewel 107.7 in Hawkesbury, Ont., 40 kilometres away. (Which I note is less than the distance between Hudson and downtown Montreal.)

I’ll be tagging along on Day 1, and will have more details in the coming days here and in the Montreal Gazette’s off-island section.

5 thoughts on “The Jewel 106.7 Hudson launches Monday … live from Hawkesbury

  1. Yolande

    Finally a radio station with music I can relate to. Too bad the signal is so weak I have to turn the volume waaay up. Also lots and lots of static. Too bad, as I said, the music is my kind of music.

    1. Anonymous

      Indeed,bad,weak signal and lots,lots of static,so… get it up,up and to work some what “normal”, otherwise you will lose your audience…including myself (and I DO like your station)

  2. Patty Diederich

    This morning the announcer made a statement about trans persons effectively lumping trans people in with male perverts. I think it unbelievable that in our country a radio announcer would make such a generalized bigitiouse statement. Shame on Jewel. I for one will not listen to your station again. I am trans an I can tell you from a position of knowledge that trans women are in no way similar to men.

  3. Ralph Morton

    Just started listening , Love the station and am spreading the word. Please keep up what your doing.


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