Dave Stubbs leaves Montreal Gazette to become columnist for NHL.com

Dave Stubbs, a veteran sports columnist for the Montreal Gazette who has been mainly covering hockey — with occasional sidesteps into auto racing and other sports where necessary — is leaving the paper, taking on a new job as a columnist for NHL.com.

The new job is pretty well a perfect fit for Stubbs, who has always had a thing for history and statistics and random bits of hockey trivia (particularly when it comes to goaltenders for some reason).

But it’s a loss for the Montreal Gazette, whose parent company Postmedia hasn’t had a lot of great news recently.

There’s no word yet on whether Stubbs will be replaced. The Gazette also counts on beat writer Pat Hickey and columnist Stu Cowan for Canadiens coverage, plus Herb Zurkowsky covering the Alouettes and boxing beats.

UPDATE: Stubbs writes his farewell column on the Professional Hockey Writers Association website, since he could not do so in the Gazette.

7 thoughts on “Dave Stubbs leaves Montreal Gazette to become columnist for NHL.com

  1. William Bockstael

    That boat is sinking…even the editorial page is boring, except for Basem Boshra who writes interesting columns

    1. Dolores Kathleen

      And I will miss your reporting from the Olympics. We had a couple of chats when you were in S. Korea (or was it Japan?! lol!).! All the best in your new career and thank you so much for your many heartwarming stories. I still have your article on Rogie Vachon on my computer desk which I meant to write and commend you for!

  2. William

    The chances of Mr. Stubbs being replaced are slim and none.
    He probably saw the writing on the wall, what with all the downsizing The Gazette and other newspapers have done these past years.
    Smart move on his part.
    Keep up the good work Mr. Godfrey!

  3. Dave Stubbs

    Goaltenders, Steve, because almost inevitably they’re the best storytellers on a hockey team and have virtually all the action in a game happening in front of them – which is why catchers in baseball are among often the best interview subjects in that sport, too.

    Thanks for your editing help over the years. It’s been much appreciated.

  4. Andy Ellison

    Dave Stubbs is a world class writer who always captivated the reader with a high degree of wit, insight and creativity. Dave’s unique talents will now be shared with the global audience he is deserving of.


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