Toronto Star announces StarTouchTone, a new news-by-telephone service

Hot off the stellar success of Star Touch, the innovators at the Toronto Star announced today they will soon be launching a news-by-telephone service for subscribers.

StarTouchTone, which is set to launch this fall, will be a service where, using a touch-tone telephone, readers can call in to a special phone number, select stories they wish to listen to by going through a menu system, and enjoy their favourite writers reading their stories to them. Reporters and columnists like Kevin Donovan, Rosie DiManno and Heather Mallick will record themselves reading each of their stories, which the Star says will give them a more realistic feel than having them be read by automated screen readers.

It’s unclear whether there will be an additional cost for this service, or if it will be available to non-subscribers. “For now we’re worried about getting hundreds of telephone lines installed in our office,” explained publisher John Cruickshank.

3 thoughts on “Toronto Star announces StarTouchTone, a new news-by-telephone service

  1. Princess Iveylocks

    Finally, a fun and informative use for those cellular phone gizmos! Mine’s been sitting in a drawer since Christmas.

  2. Lorne

    The Gazette thought of offering this service but decided against it, because the constant layoffs would make it hard to manage.


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