CJAD’s Dave Fisher announces retirement

In the few years I’ve been writing about local media, I’ve met and talked to a lot of broadcasters and personalities. Change being a constant in this industry, there was always a hiring, firing, resignation or other major change that would make someone newsworthy and prompt a story.

I’ve never spoken with Dave Fisher. And that’s mainly because he’s been the weekend morning host at CJAD for 32 years now, which is a pretty incredible run. He’s just been there, reliably hosting some of he most popular station’s most popular shows, without much fanfare, without TV ads, without billboards showing his face, without being considered a major celebrity.

Now, finally, change is coming to him. This morning, it was announced on the air and in the Montreal Gazette that Fisher is retiring from the station this August.

The Gazette’s Bill Brownstein does a much better career obituary than I ever could, so I encourage you to read that. CJAD also has a short story, and CTV is covering it.

You can also watch, thanks to CTV, Fisher explain his retirement on the air this morning. And read Bell Media’s press release on the subject.

Fisher’s replacement on weekend mornings hasn’t been announced yet.

14 thoughts on “CJAD’s Dave Fisher announces retirement

  1. Anonymous

    I had the privilege in working with Dave Fisher for a few years when I was at CJAD as his on technical producer. Dave was a true professional with a great sense of humour. I wish him well in his retirement as he is going out on his terms which is the best way to exit a profession – especially an industry which is notorious in letting people go at a drop of a hat. Dave, all the very best to you as well as your wife Artie. Good health, happiness, and peace to you always!

  2. Zeke


    In the story Bill Brownstein writes “He also hosts the second, third and fourth most listened-to programs among anglo Montrealers at any time of the week.”

    Pardon my ignorance, but can you provide a top 10 list of the most listened-to programs among anglo Montrealers? Please and thanks.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      I don’t have a list more recent than two years ago, but basically, it’s Andrew Carter’s morning show, Tommy Schnurmacher, The Beat workdays, and CJAD’s entire weekend morning lineup.

  3. Michel

    I’m not a Dave Fisher fan. Maybe if I’d listened to him in his prime I’d feel different. Still, I recognize that he’s toughed it out all these years and I do wish him a happy retirement. I’m probably hoping against hope but I’d love to see Dan Laxer take over the job. I think he would bring a fresh new take to the weekend show. But knowing CJAD, that’s probably the last thing they’d want.

  4. Steve Kowch

    I had the pleasure of working with Dave Fisher while PD at CJAD back in the late 90’s and again for a few months about five years ago. He is an incredible broadcaster who connects with his audience and makes his guests feel comfortable on air. CJAD listeners love Fisher. How else do you explain a 50 share on weekends. Enjoy your retirement Dave, you earned it.

  5. Gord

    This was inevitable, but still sooner than I’d hoped. Fisher is about the last remaining commercial radio announcer that I make it a point to tune in to, simply because I appreciate the guy’s abilities. He’s avuncular, but never glib. And his “maturity” is going to be sorely missed — at least by those of us old enough to know that “history did not begin with the year of our birth.” And so it goes.

  6. David Tucci

    He and Rand are pretty much the only reasons to tune in to CJAD. I can only imagine who they’ll throw in on the weekend shift.

  7. JustMe

    According to Bill Brownstein’s article, Bill Bury (CJAD’s program and news director) has a replacement in mind but won’t be making any announcements until Dave Fisher’s retirement date becomes closer. I’m thinking that Dave’s replacement is already a done deal, CJAD just doesn’t want to announce it yet.

  8. Mario D.

    Nobody mentionned his voice ! As if it s not necessary anymore and one is satisfied to settle with a Tommy Schnurmaker type of voice….Anyhow …
    A true passionate radio host that will be difficult to replace for all the reasons you can find. Had a great run !

  9. Steve

    Basically Dave Fisher has retired already from CJAD radio two weeks ago. He’s on holidays, until doing final CJAD Weekend morning show ever just before mid-August. I doubt until then, he would replace Andrew Carter during the summer(or anyone else at CJAD).

  10. Philip

    Is Dave Fisher not going to be on CJAD at all until his final weekend? It seems strange that he’s not been on in a few weeks. Is he just on vacation even if he’ll be retired in less than a month.
    Also, I have to say that I am enjoying Sarah Deshaies on the Trivia show.She is a natural for Dan. She should be the regular sub host. I’ve also wondered why Tracey is not filling in as the Trivia host after hosting the Morning Show. Does she host the Home Improvement Show?

  11. Steve

    I just happen to turn on CJAD radio around 10:30am this morning for a couple of minutes, & I surprisingly heard Dave Fisher hosting The CJAD Trivia Show with Dan Laxer. Not sure if Dave also hosted The CJAD Weekend Morning Show today, but I suspect no. I had heard several weeks ago, he wasn’t going to do The CJAD Weekend Morning Show again until the final show on August 14(or that final weekend Aug 13-14). That why my comment above(posted July 24), that he has already essentially retired. His last CJAD show will include a live audience I think I heard(including inviting some CJAD listeners).


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