Analysis: Comparing Super Bowl ads on CTV and FOX

FOX (WFFF Burlington, Vt.)

6:36pm Beginning of substitution (Videotron), kickoff


Google Home (60s)

This ad accidentally set off a bunch of people’s Google Home devices

Michelin — I Need You (30s)

Avocados from Mexico (30s)

  • Intel sponsorship promo (5s)


Mobile Strike featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger (30s)

H&R Block featuring Watson — Future (60s)

Skittles — Romance (30s)


Busch (30s)

American Petroleum Institute — Power Past Impossible (30s)

GoDaddy — The Internet Wants You (30s)

  • Mercedes Benz sponsorship promo (5s)
  • Halftime show promo (10s)
  • Legion (FX) promo (5s)
  • Busch sponsorship promo (5s)

7:04pm: End of first quarter

LIFEWTR — Inspiration Drops (30s)

This is Pepsi’s new bottled water. The ad features a song from John Legend.

Intel — Brady Everyday (30s)

Airbnb — We Accept (30s)

Airbnb’s founders say they personally edited the ad, in response to Donald Trump’s immigration ban, using existing footage for a previous campaign from the company.

World of Tanks — Teensy House Buyers (15s)

World of Tanks — Real Awful Moms (15s)

Yellow Tail Wine (30s)

7:07pm: Start of second quarter


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (45s)

The 45-second version of this ad wasn’t posted, but here’s a longer one.

Pistachios (15s)

This ad aired simultaneously on CTV.

Buick featuring Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr (60s)


Logan (30s)

T-Mobile — #UnlimitedMovies featuring Justin Bieber (60s)

  • NFL Next: Mobile virtual player (10s)
  • T-Mobile sponsorship promo (5s)
  • Halftime show promo (15s)


Honda CR-V — Yearbooks featuring Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Amy Adams, Magic Johnson, Steve Carell, Missy Elliott, Stan Lee, Jimmy Kimmel and Viola Davis (60s)

Bai featuring Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake (30s)

Transformers: The Last Knight (30s)


Tide featuring Terry Bradshaw and Jeffrey Tambor (75s)

Sprint (30s)

  • 24: Legacy promo (15s)
  • Halftime show promo (15s)


Coca-Cola — Love Story (30s)

This ad dates to last fall.

The Handmaid’s Tale — My Name is Offred (30s)

This is a Hulu series based on the Margaret Atwood novel. Even though it’s tied so directly to one of Canada’s most famous authors, we don’t know how Canadians will be able to watch this series yet. (Atwood says she’s been told it will be available somehow.)

WeatherTech — Tech Team (30s)

Febreeze — Halftime Bathroom Break (30s)


Alfa Romeo — Riding Dragons (60s)

Michelob Ultra — Our Bar (30s)

  • Halftime show promo (10s)
  • Logan/Budweiser sponsorship promo (10s)


  • TurboTax sponsorship promo (5s)

TurboTax — Humpty Hospital (45s)

Lexus LC/LS — Man and Machine (30s)

Fate of the Furious (60s)


Squarespace — Calling featuring John Malkovich (30s)

Wendy’s — Cold Storage (30s)

  • 24: Legacy (30s)

8:03pm: End of second quarter


  • APB (30s)

FOX pulled this promo from YouTube for some reason.

Local ads:

  • McDonald’s — Good Morning (30s) — This appears to be a local ad, though it’s not explicitly stated
  • VTel Wireless (30s) — An adorable Super Bowl ad from this Vermont company, but not posted online
  • Jay Peak Vermont (30s)
  • WFFF Local Fox 44 (15s)
  • WFFF Local Fox 44 (15s) — Continues previous ad
  • Planet Fitness Vermont (5s)

84 Lumber — The Journey Begins (90s)

At 90 seconds, this was the longest Super Bowl commercial, taking up an entire commercial break by itself, a few minutes before the halftime show. The extended version, at five minutes, 44 seconds, is the most trending Super Bowl ad on YouTube, and generated almost 7 million views in 24 hours.


Empire — What Is Love (30s)

Legion — Swaddled (30s)

  • Pepsi Halftime Show Intro featuring Tony Bennett (10s)

8:13pm: Start of halftime show

13 thoughts on “Analysis: Comparing Super Bowl ads on CTV and FOX

  1. Mimo

    I definitely made the right decision to watch FOX. I’m noticing that a lot of these ads are not new, and many were repeated. It wasn’t until overtime that FOX repeated an ad. The quality of the Canadian ads really doesn’t compare,and truth be told, I’m going to be seeing them for the next several months anyway. My girlfriend found the viewing experience so much better than in past years. She is still talking about the KIA Eco Warrior ad with Melissa McCarthy, an ad she never would have seen with sim sub. I am so happy to have been spared that National Car Rental ad. They annoy me. They do run on U.S. channels but much less often.

  2. Gazoo28

    Just curious. Three of the four winners from CTV contest were located out west. Two in BC and one in Alberta.
    Coincidence or issue with the texting system. People here who tried received the message that their text was received after the time limit. Strange when their texts were sent within 30 seconds after the key word was announced.

  3. Brent Michaud

    Kind of puts the lie to the Bell claim that only 100 people complained about simsub. I was listening to CJAD Sunday morning around 8:25ish and the host said that all the American ads could be seen on CTV. I would like to give Ken the benefit of the doubt and say he made a mistake, but I am wondering if Bell hosts were given an edict to confuse listeners with this type of announcement. I trust Bell abouit as far as I can spit a T.Rex. Thankfully I have OTA and simsub is never an issue for me.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      I am wondering if Bell hosts were given an edict to confuse listeners with this type of announcement.

      I see no reason why Bell would tell its employees to lie on the air.

        1. Fagstein Post author

          Given their obfuscation vis a vis skinny cable packages

          There’s a difference between “obfuscation” and straight-up lying. If you have proof Bell Media told anyone to lie to the public to commit fraud, feel free to report it to the relevant authorities.

    2. Brett

      I watched the CTV feed because I only watch TV over the air. My indoor antenna only gets Montreal stations. Their ads where old and ones I seen way to many times.

  4. dilbert

    The Superbowl is over and CTV didn’t declare bankruptcy. Moreover, they still had millions of people watching who didn’t shift to the direct US feed.

    Smells like Bell just go caught way over hyping the implications. Want to bet the CRTC expands the simsub ban soon? Maybe ALL live programming?

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Smells like Bell just go caught way over hyping the implications.

      Bell Media said its audience would be cut by about half. It was cut by about half.

      1. dilbert

        SO when they renegotiate to get the rights for the Superbowl, they can offer half…. problem solves itself. Then they can work on boosting their audience by improving the overall content and perhaps adding value. Nah, they wouldn’t do that, that is work compared to a Simsub free lunch!

        1. Fagstein Post author

          SO when they renegotiate to get the rights for the Superbowl, they can offer half…. problem solves itself.

          Yeah, this is why the NFL is fighting this decision.


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