Media News Digest: HBO Canada free previews, Jay and Dan among many with new jobs

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  • Radioplayer Canada launched today. The app, similar to Bell’s iHeartRadio app, has almost every station that isn’t owned by Bell, including all Corus, Rogers and Cogeco radio stations. In Montreal, that includes Cogeco’s The Beat 92.5, 98.5fm, CKOI, Rythme FM and Radio Circulation, plus RNC Media’s 91,9 Sports. So far, at least, it looks like the player doesn’t have preroll ads, and it’s focused less on randomly switching between stations than iHeart. Already found a few bugs related to the location-based station search (it either doesn’t work, or it shows Saskatoon stations for Montreal, and it doesn’t show CBC stations), and neither the Google Play store nor the App Store list this app first when searching for “radioplayer”, which could lead to a lot of people downloading the wrong app.
  • Quebec City’s BLVD 102,1, which has become the home of André Arthur and Nathalie Normandeau, has added Journal de Montréal columnist Sophie Durocher to its lineup, which means it’s now a talk radio station during the morning, day and afternoon weekdays. Between this station, Énergie (Stéphan Dupont, Stéphane Gendron, Jérôme Landry), FM93 (Doc Mailloux, Éric Duhaime) and the original CHOI Radio X (Dominic Maurais, Richard Martineau, Jeff Fillion) it’s a lot of opinionative talk during the day on the radio in that town.
  • CKZU, a shortwave retransmitter of CBC Radio One in Vancouver, is being shut down by the public broadcaster, which argues it can’t justify buying a new transmitter considering the few people who listen on shortwave.




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2 thoughts on “Media News Digest: HBO Canada free previews, Jay and Dan among many with new jobs

  1. Mario D.

    About radio boulevard in Québec city i think that the hosts names you just dropped tells it all. There is a big big problem with the quality of hosts in la vielle capitale and i guess it suits well with the general climate now in america with the lies and hatred as told by the first wig of america. Unfortunately , even the tragic events in Quebec city won’t change a thing about the role off trash radio in promoting racism and violence.

    Pierre Pascau passing away reminds us how the job of a radio host changed over the years. In his days he was considered as a real tough guy ,asking tough questions and seeking justice. In 2017 he looks like a choir boy if you compare with the trash being delivered daily on the airwaves…Sad news though because he was a real pro with an excellent level of language .

  2. dilbert

    A comment on posts like this overall for your consideration. I understand the concept and what you are trying to do, but I think what is happening is that you are glossing over stories you might have hot a little deeper, and instead just making them a note in a long list of things. I notice these stories rarely get comments,which suggests a lack of engagement.

    As an example, the Radioplayer item would possibly make for a good story, comparing it to the I Hate Radio app, and thinking about where this is taking radio in the short and longer term. As just an item in a list of 40 or 50 more things, it’s pretty lost in the mix.


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