Amanda Stein leaves TSN 690 for New Jersey Devils

Amanda Stein

Amanda Stein, sports reporter at TSN Radio 690, used her famously impeccable handwriting to deliver news she’s been teasing for a bit: She’s leaving the station next month, moving to New Jersey and going to work for the Devils.

Her last day on air in Montreal will be Friday, Aug. 18.

Stein writes she was honoured to have the job at TSN. “It is now time, however, to move on, challenge myself in different ways…”

Stein is one of several young women to get their broadcasting start reporting for Montreal’s all-sports station, a list that includes Andie Bennett (now at CBC), Jessica Rusnak (now filling in for Bennett’s mat leave) and Robyn Flynn. If TSN is going to hire someone to replace Stein, Rusnak would be an obvious choice.

For an idea of what Stein’s new job will be like, you can see videos of last season’s All Access shows hosted by Julie Robenhymer (who tweeted last month she’s “awaiting my next adventure”):

11 thoughts on “Amanda Stein leaves TSN 690 for New Jersey Devils

  1. Media Man

    Good news for Amanda.. But Any chance of Sean Coleman or Brian Wilde getting a more fulltime gig instead of giving it to trainees?
    Does dollars it seems here, Enter the equation?

  2. Mario D.

    Must say that her assignment with the Devils at rookie camp should have rung a bell ….Will miss her. Do not know how you can go from following one team to another but it’ s a golden opportunity. When sports reporters act as if they are neutral it’s total bs …I guess a job is a job anyway and that it does not matter for who you work basically as long as you fulfill your passion and make a living out of it.
    Probably the best work TSN has done in MTL. Giving a chance to very talented and passionate girls, Bennett, Stein, Rusnak , Flynn . They brought new voices and point of views that made for interesting debates. Not like recycled reporters a la Wilde let’s say…

    Have fun madame Stein !

  3. dilbert

    I am thinking Bell will take this as a win, reduce head count by one without any bad press, and call it a day. Replacement? Not likely!

  4. John

    Amanda,,,,,congratulations on your new endever know that your
    Future is unlimited…Have a great journey……senior 690 Follower.


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