Rogers denies engaging in high-pressure sales tactics and you should really sign up for Rogers NHL Live and a family plan right now

Two months after whistleblowers came forward to complain about the environment in its customer sales department, Rogers is again denying it is pushing its agents into getting clients to sign up for services they don’t want, and also you should sign up for Rogers NHL Live before the playoffs start because for only $75 you can watch all of the NHL playoffs wherever you want, and they can totally put that order in for you right now if you’d like.

“We take our customer trust seriously and would never compromise that by selling our valued customers something they didn’t want,” Rogers VP of customer care Doan Gevakrapp. “And did you know that with a Share Everything plan with Rogers you get NHL Live for free? That’s a $75 savings! How about I make that change for you right now, you can cancel at any time, ok?”

Rogers says it has spoken with some rogue customer care agents who claim they were encouraged to sign people up for things they knew they’d never use, but you’re definitely going to use Rogers NHL Live to watch your favourite team in the upcoming playoffs, and it includes the rest of the regular season as well, so how about we just go ahead and add that to your account.

“You put your trust in Rogers, and we want to be worthy of that trust,” Gevakrapp said. “And did you know you can get a free no obligation subscription to Maclean’s and Chatelaine for three months? What do you have to lose? Let’s get that signed up as well, I’ll just need your credit card please.”

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