Total CRTC n00b doesn’t even know about administrative approvals page

Some doofus who thinks he can cover the CRTC as well as I can totally owned himself this week by not even being aware of the list of administrative approvals that are done without a public process, thinking that a decision page has to be posted for every decision even if there are no policy implications.

The total luser failed to notice the link at the bottom of the Today’s Releases page because he must be so freaking blinded by his own stupidity. That led to the braindead ignorance of the approval of the technical changes to CBZD-FM in Doaktown, New Brunswick, which has been posted on the Broadcasting Administrative Applications page for three weeks now.

The n00b, probably too shamed to even look himself in the mirror, probably doesn’t even know what a Part 1 process means. So stupid.

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