Media News Digest: TMN becomes Crave, no more newspapers in schools, Conway leaves CBC

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6 thoughts on “Media News Digest: TMN becomes Crave, no more newspapers in schools, Conway leaves CBC

  1. Mike

    I wonder if the “disagreement” between Videotron and Bell is the $78.5 million lawsuit that Videotron has against Bell.

    1. Mike

      Or the “disagreement” between Videotron and Bell could be the $100 million lawsuit that Bell has against Videotron.

  2. Jonathan Lalonde

    TMN merging with Crave is kind of interesting, and it might slow the bleeding of cord-cutters, but it seems a late opportunity. But it gives an edge over Netflix for people who still have cable at home (and while cord-cutters is a growing demographic, most canadians still have cable TV and don’t plan to drop it short-term). At least for anglos. But for francos and bilanguals, Netflix still seems a better option right now.

    1. dilbert

      Cord cutting is a myth, it’s no different from people getting rid of “home phones”. They didn’t get rid of phones, we have more than ever – they are just portable. Cord cutting is for the most part substituting one system for another, moving from wired cable to, surprise, mostly wired internet for IP TV and streaming sources.

      Since in Canada the same companies own the systems, you aren’t cutting much of anything. You drop cable TV but you then turn around and subscribe back to Crave… is there any real difference? The only new player in the game really is Netflix, but even then, they are getting more and more hamstrung by regulation and restriction.

      1. DS

        Semantics. Disagree. It is not a myth. Anyone with millennial children sees it with their own eyes. We got rid of our landline and our Cable. We only have another provider for internet. No cords anywhere. We are not alone. Data , not cords, is what defines the future.

  3. Scott Fybush

    Dammit, Faguy. My 10-year-old is crazy about lighthouses, and after reading that NNC ruling about the lighthouse article, now I need to get him on one of those very limited tours out to the Point Abino lighthouse next summer!


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