Media News Digest: Pony hoax, TVA Sports lawsuits, magazine awards

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4 thoughts on “Media News Digest: Pony hoax, TVA Sports lawsuits, magazine awards

  1. Dorothy

    Thanks so much for alerting readers here to Howarth’s book on Montreal radio in the 1960s and 70s. I can’t wait to dig in.
    How could we have studied for exams without George Boxer and Ralph Lockwood?

  2. Marc

    Whoever was responsible for that pony stunt at Quebecor should have been fired on the spot. But that would depend on the company having good ethics which we all know Quebecor doesn’t have.

    And as for the antisemitic cartoon in the New York Times (New York Slime as I call it), they’re sorry they got caught. That didn’t get published by accident or at the drop of a pin. That decision went through several people before being fully given the green light.

    Mainstream media has a major credibility problem and they don’t even realize it.

    1. Dilbert

      The “Stunt” was all PKP… he really does come off as that arrogant. I have little doubt that he will use the whole thing as a push for Quebec independence away from the horrible federal government intervening in his right to empty your pockets.

      As a side note, I think that the wholesale rates for channels should be publish, not subject to secrecy agreements. If Bell charges $20 for a channel and pays $3 for it, the public should know.

      For that matter, the prices charged to consumers should be limited to that of a reasonable mark up, say 20% at most. That way the cost is published, the rates set, the maximum price set, and the public can make an informed choice. Right now, there is nothing on the consumer side to protect us from the greedy oligopoly that rules the airwaves.


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