Media News Digest: APTN French news, radio rebrands, newspaper chain in trouble

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11 thoughts on “Media News Digest: APTN French news, radio rebrands, newspaper chain in trouble

  1. Brent Michaud

    Sorry to hear about Byron Ayangolu. I lived in Toronto from 84-96 and he, along with Joanne Kates, taught me how to critically evaluate a restaurant. Condolences to all who knew him.

    Interesting conjecture about 24 Hours. I just thought they were taking a week off during a slow news time, but I can definitely see them pulling the plug if Metro goes under. Metro has reduced their page count and is harder and harder to find (no copies at Berri-UQAM or Mont-Royal by noon), leading me to believe they have reduced their print run. The clock seems to be running down on them and if they fold, I am sure PKP would kill 24 Hours to drive readers to JdM.

    Thanks for all your hard work Steve. It is much appreciated.

    1. mediaman15

      This TTP MEDIA is an interesting you have any news whatsoever about formats, on-air staff hires,if not, is or was this just a sad attempt at trying to shake things up against CJAD and 98.5??

  2. Ed Rondo

    Thanks for reporting about the channel 5 and PBS moves Steve.. for the last month and a half I’ve been having problems getting a decent signal for my tv antenna. I live in Brossard and used to get both channels ( and their sub stations) crystal clear.. I honestly thought it was the REM construction near by that was causing the interference.

      1. Brent

        I live in Centre-Sud and am having the same reception degradation on all American channels. Maintenance on Mount Mansfield?

    1. Anonymous

      Check your Antenna installation. Exposed wires. Did the aiming of the antenna change etc.

      Also connect the RF cable to another TV if you have one. See if there is a difference.

      BTW, there will soon be changes for WCAX, WCFE, WFFF, WVNY, they will be moving to other RF frequencies very soon. You may need to re-scan your TV. I’m sure each station will run some sort of on screen announcement when this will happen.

      The process for the Burlington – Plattsburgh stations will commence in October. And will run into 2020.

      Some Montreal stations will also change RF. But that will happen after the Burlington – Plattsburgh stations.

  3. Its Me

    I love how media always seem to be abuzz and begin to be so concerned when a new conservative media brand launches or when one of the existing ones starts to become more conservative… yet they do not seem to care one iota when there is a liberal slant. Liberal hypocrisy at its finest.


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