Media News Digest: Lots of racism, TC buys Les Affaires, Gazette rehires Kalogerakis

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8 thoughts on “Media News Digest: Lots of racism, TC buys Les Affaires, Gazette rehires Kalogerakis

  1. mediaman15

    Interesting about the power increase for City Toronto.
    Any plans for MTL, as their signal for OTA people is weak to terrible at best..??

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Any plans for MTL, as their signal for OTA people is weak to terrible at best..??

      Nothing has been announced related to its other stations. CJNT-DT (City Montreal) is expected to move from channel 49 to channel 17 next year as part of the TV repack.

  2. Anonymous

    The channel swap that Rogers is requesting for CITY-DT and CFMT-DT in Toronto is rather easy to fix.It’s called sub-channels. Place a x.2 on each one. Better yet, they should assign everything to one transmitter, and save the cost of the second transmitter.

  3. Sheldon Harvey

    There are two noteworthy items in the Radio segment of this Media News Digest. First off, VIrgin Radio…are you serious? A week-in-review rap segment by Adam Greenberg. Just checked out the video posted. Yeah, this is really going to help you bury The Beat in the ratings!
    Second item is a huge surprise. Bell Media execs swallowed their pride and allowed Ted Bird back into the Bell enclave to appear on the air on CHOM with Terry DiMonte! Will wonders never cease?

  4. Dilbert

    “Rogers doesn’t explain why Citytv needs a signal boost but OMNI doesn’t.”

    There is a fringe station on physical channel 14, Fox WUTV from Buffalo… the power requirement is likely to assure that CityTV continues to have full coverage that is similar to it’s current configuration.

    The Buffalo station is 1,000 kW at around 1000 feet above ground, which gives them a pretty solid signal into places like Hamilton. City would need to have decent power to “overcome” them.

  5. Stéphane Dumas

    I guess we should had created a time machine for Infoman so he could had come to the rescue of John Turner back in 1984 that or he want to rescue Justin so Justin can still give more money to SRC/CBC to save his job?

    Btw, someone posted that old clip of John Turner on Youtube.

  6. Anonymous

    Speaking of the TV repack. A station closer to Montreal will move in October.

    WCAX-DT is going to move from RF22 to RF20 by October 24. Not sure if we’ll loose access to WCAX in the Montreal area when this happens. It’ll be sandwiched between CBFT (RF19), and CBMT (RF21). I guess we’ll see the true results on October 24th.

    1. Michael Black

      WPTZ isn’t can’t ming in here lately. I thought it was temperature related. But tge METV webpage is saying that “WPTZ is working on local signal enhancements through Oct 21st” and that a rescan may be necessary.

      But I can’t find anything elsewhere. So maybe it’s unrelated. I know from the past that WPTZ doesn’t really use their website for news of the transmitter. (Though that’s nof unique, in 2011, in the months before Canada went digital, the local stations were pretty bad about such information.)

      I did find a page about repacking that let you enter a zip code and find local stations that were changing channels. I put in a Vermont zip code, and it lists WFFF and WCFE, as well as WCAX and WVNY.

      I’m less certain about dates, but while WVNY is moving next year, the others may be moving sooner.



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