94.7 Hits FM goes dark

Following the sale of WYUL and its sister station WVNV to the Educational Media Foundation, 94.7 Hits FM went off the air at midnight last night.

The last day featured hit music interspersed with recorded messages from staff and the station’s program director thanking listeners and making it clear that it was the last day. The last hour featured a bunch of goodbye songs, culminating in Linkin Park’s In the End just before midnight.

That was followed by this final message on air:

Thank you for nineteen years of hit music. Ninety-four seven Hits FM. Over and out.

Afterward, the station’s livestream aired sounds alternating between a ticking clock and construction noises, promising something new on the frequency. At some point in the late afternoon or early evening, the station began transmitting programming from K-Love, EMF’s contemporary Christian music station. Besides the station IDs, it has no local programming.

I recorded some of the stuff from Hits FM’s last day. First are the goodbye messages from the staff, in order:

  1. Daytime host Marty Lamarre
  2. Operations manager Matt Maneely
  3. Morning show hosts Kat & JJ
  4. Afternoon host Java Joel

Joel also posted a video to Facebook, as did Vas and Alex from promotions.

Here’s a mix of bumpers from the day, and messages including the final goodbye from program director Jonathan Steele, and what it actually sounded like in the station’s final moments:

A couple of YouTubers also captured the station’s final moments.

We’ll see where people from 94.7 end up. Warren Haughton already announced he’s going to lead sales at 105.1 Mike FM in Montreal.

14 thoughts on “94.7 Hits FM goes dark

  1. Zeke


    In related news about cross border stations WEAV, 960 The Zone switched from CBS Sports News to Fox Sports at midnight last night.

    I’m annoyed because it means that I can no longer use my radio to listen to Amy Lawrence (if you haven’t heard her, you should. She is one of the best broadcasters working these days).

  2. Peter L

    Bland corporate radio is bland corporate radio whether the station is selling Jesus or nutritional supplements (or both!). Not the answer to what ails radio, I don’t think. Sad.

    1. Neal Ford

      As a listener to Christian radio I sadly must agree with you that this is bland corporte radio, Jesus style. I rarely listen to it myself, but prefer Mars Hill Radio, a Syracuse based network which also has a Malone, NY, outlet (90.1 FM) which is easily heard in Vaudreuil, Suroit, soulanges and The west island as well as Cornwall.
      Much better quality as all of its music programming comes out of Syracuse.
      But that’s just me.
      If the rest of North America is any indication this station will hit its mark. Montreal Christians have never before had a widely accessible mainly music Christian station.
      There will even be non christians tuning in. Some seekers, and others who just dont care for the risque jokes, and crude lyrics that many stations now broadcast.

    2. Mark

      Got that right. Music stations are controlling the music with 20-30 songs as well while hoodwinkong the public into believing the station is playing the most music….ha, ha, ha

  3. Anonymous

    I checked out the new format on WYUL-FM 94.7 while driving this morning. I stayed on it for about an hour to hear what it was all about. A few notes.

    1 – The station is now broadcasting in stereo.
    2 – It’s station branding mentioned it as being K-Love, Montreal’s (Inspirational station????). Not sure what the exact wording was. I’ll have to listen again to the station and get the exact wording that was used.
    3 – From what I’ve heard so far, not bad. Lot’s of christian / inspiration format style of music. Some very good music. Some of that music can easily land on an easy music format station.
    4 – It’s a different format that we are use to in the Montreal radio market. So, it’s nice to have something that’s different, and doesn’t all sound the same. Which is a major problem with the Montreal market.

    1. Joseph Dugan

      It’s different all right. Being that it is transmitted from Malone, New York, Don’t expect K-LOVE/Air 1 to air any French language PSAs/announcements or play any Francophonic -or CanCon friendly, for that matter- Contemporary Christian Music. Also, if Canadians donated to K-LOVE or Air 1, will the donations be remitted to US currency?

    2. S. Santos

      K love 94.7 is like Montreal’s CHRI, which has been on the air in Ottawa since 97. Not a bad format. Is Air 1 spoken word Christian programming? I think K love is all Christian hit music. Chicago’s Classic Rock Loop station also became K Love. Wild country is now on AM 1490 WICY also on 102.7. Country is also on 89.9 CKIK.

      1. Neal Ford

        Air 1 used to be a Christian alternative music station. I listened to their Plattsburgh outlet on 89.1 when i lived in Montreal. From what i understand, they jettisoned the alternative in favour of Praise and Worship music,.

  4. Jeremy White

    RIP to one of the all time greats! I’ll miss hearing that re-sing of 102.7 KIIS-FM’s jingle package in the market, iconic! All the best to everyone out of work.


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