TSN 690 fires Chris Nilan for refusing to get vaccinated

Chris Nilan revealed on Thursday he has been fired by TSN 690 owner Bell Media after he refused to follow through with a company-wide requirement to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

In a post on Twitter, Nilan said he was asked to get the vaccine “late last year” and on Tuesday was informed that his contract was being terminated. His name and face have been removed from TSN 690’s website.

Nilan says “after consultation with my doctor and based upon my medical conditions,” he decided against the vaccine and asked for a medical exemption, which was denied. Nilan did not specify what medical conditions he has that would prevent him from safely taking a vaccine.

5 thoughts on “TSN 690 fires Chris Nilan for refusing to get vaccinated

  1. Peter L

    No jab, no job. Sucks to be him.

    If it ever went to court, he’d lose because there are no legit medical reasons where you can “decide against the vaccine”. If it’s medically contradicted, you don’t get to choose.

  2. Carson

    I thought it was curious this year that Melnick didn’t work on Bell Let’s Talk Day, and didn’t put out a single tweet. In the past he’s been a very involved participant, notably having his mother on last year to talk about his sister’s suicide.

    I’m wondering now if he was pissed at Bell corporate over the Nilan issue, and decided to sit it out this year.

  3. Craig McPherson

    I’m curious if Chris was hosting remotely, or in studio. I know Aaron Rand and Natasha Hall co-host for sister station CJAD from home. I fail to understand how an employee working from home would be required to meet this requirement.

    1. Keith Rowe

      Nilan was working from home….I was never a fan of Nilan BUT also believe in “Free Choice” of whether wants to be vaccinated or not!

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