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Some people should not be designing websites

I have a feeling I’m going to break someone’s heart with this post, but it’s true. There are professional web designers, and there are people whose pages belong on Geocities in the 90s.

The website for (long-shot) mayoralty candidate Louise O’Sullivan belongs in the latter camp:



Let us count the ways:

  • <title>Test2</title>
  • Candidate’s photo in 256-colour GIF
  • Photo of the city stolen from Google Image Search
  • Drop shadows on everything
  • Scrolling marquee
  • Coloured boxes inside other coloured boxes inside even more coloured boxes
  • Text is all in bold
  • Date written via JavaScript
  • No links in main text

I’m sure you can add more in the comments. Feel free.

Sadder still, there are other atrocities where this came from, people who presumably spent hundreds of dollars for these sites. Perhaps the “© 1999” at the bottom might have something to do with it.