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CJAD launches new sound

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CJAD listeners will notice the station sounds a bit different now, particularly during its newscasts. Montreal’s news-talk leader launched a new imaging profile on Monday morning. “Imaging” is a radio industry term for “sound” and reflects things like news themes, promo ads and other stuff that give a station its unique sound.

I’ve excerpted some elements of this from a newscast Monday afternoon. Give it a listen. The new sound comes with new pacing for the radio station as well as an advertising campaign, brand director Chris Bury told me (while asking me to wait a day before I evaluate it all).

These kind of things come down to personal taste, so I’ll leave it to you to decide whether you like it or not.

UPDATE: In case you want to compare, Brendan Peterson has put the current CJAD news theme together with the CFRB theme and old CJAD themes here.