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Will Standout Jobs stand out?

One of the nuclear-launch-codes-level super-secret Montreal startup operations has finally launched this week. Standout Jobs is a career-search site that focuses more on building mini sites for each company than providing a big boring job-search database.

Unfortunately, despite all the emphasis from local startups, including Standout Jobs, on the local technology scene, the company launched itself not here but in California. Its website design also looks like the kind of cookie-cutter rounded-corners Web 2.0 template that’s been on every other website that’s launched in the past year. (And as Heri points out, the company portal pages are just a bunch of widgets and could be simplified, especially since the only reason you’re going to go there is to see what jobs they have available and what kind of company it is to work for.)

It remains to be seen how successful the company will be. That will come down to whether they can find enough companies willing to pay $149 a month for a recruiting site that they could mostly duplicate on Facebook or recreate on their own.

UPDATE (Jan. 31): Yoskoblog has video of the demo. The tools to post to job boards and keep track of candidates automatically are pretty cool, and underpresented on the StandoutJobs.com site.