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West Wing is back on CLT, only it’s not CLT anymore

Before I could get a chance to delete CLT from my cable subscription list since it was no longer running The West Wing and there wasn’t anything else worthy of my attention on it, the newly Corus-owned network has rebranded itself “Viva” and has gone from “Canadian Learning Television” to “television for boomer women”.

Apparently boomer women are all about political/legal dramas, which also include Judging Amy and Commander in Chief.

But since I am neither boomer, nor a woman, should I not be allowed to subscribe to this channel?

The West Wing has come back, Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm and 2am. They’re starting it at the beginning of Season 6, which means you’ll be able to see as it re-enacts Barack Obama’s Matthew Santos’s campaign through the Democratic primaries and his narrow victory (sorry if I spoiled it for you) over an old fiscal conservative Republican senator with a wacko Christian running-mate to become the first coloured president of the United States.

(Of course, Santos is latino, not black; he was running to replace a very popular Democratic president; and he beat two opponents through multiple ballots at the convention who were men who had served as vice-president; not to mention the fact that Santos won Texas and his opponent won California)