Will creativity never cease?

The easy-to-update nature of blogging software has allowed a lot of interesting websites to spring up. Most are the usual personal blogs, photo blogs, webcomics, but some are beyond explanation.

Among those on my bookmark list are Indexed, which features nothing but Venn diagrams on index cards, there’s the made-in-Montreal Regret the Error, which follows newspaper corrections, there’s Worst Than Failure (formerly The Daily WTF), which has snippets of horrible computer code, and Overheard in New York, a collection of weird and funny quotes anonymously overheard which has spawned countless copycat websites around the world.

Now Hippopocampe points us to WTFCNN?, which highlights the more eyebrow-raising headlines on CNN’s website, usually about oddball stories.

As if enough of my day isn’t filled with reading silly things online.

P.S. Now’s about the time to give a shout out to my new favourite web comic: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

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