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Clip du Plateau

I was a bit curious why, on a bus at 2 a.m., a woman would be carrying a poster with pictures of Guy A. Lepage tied to it with white paper clips. I’d even considered asking her.

But I fear any rational explanation for this, and so I kind of prefer it to remain a mystery.

Here it is, your bus ride of zen

Paper with quotation on a traffic light post on St. Denis St.

Paper with quotation on a traffic light post on St. Denis St.

Sunday night on my way home, I noticed a piece of paper with a quotation on it taped to a bus stop post. I didn’t think anything of it until I passed by another stop and noticed another quote on another piece of paper. In the end, there were similar pieces of paper taped on or near bus stops along the 361’s route from Old Montreal to Ahuntsic.

No idea why. Naturally, their flimsy construction and unauthorized nature meant they didn’t last long.

Quote and bus stop sign

Please publsh and send a reporter

I got this email this morning:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Thurai Moorthy <xxxxx>
Date: Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 10:52 AM
Subject: United Earth Day, June 21, 2008, Saturday 5:00-11:00 PM, at 4775 Anthime,Pierrefonds, Quebec H9H 4L3, Please Publsh and Send a Reporter
To: letters@thegazette.canwest.com


United Earth Organization (UEOG)

United Earth Day, June 21, 2008, Saturday 5:00-11:00 PM local time, everywhere on Earth, (local location at 4775 Anthime,Pierrefonds, Quebec H9H 4L3) in your own space.  Neighbours, friends, relatives. Inform everyone from Tokyo to Vancouver. Visit www.ueog.org starting at 5:00 PM Tokyo time and continuing east ward at 5:00 PM local time around the globe. United Earth Organization (UEOG), Presentation, Music, Dance. Vegetarian potluck, No disposables.

Folowing ing messsage is meant for the editor and not for publication:

Please send a reporter to cover the above event.


[Contact info here deleted]

Some suggestions:

  1. This is a blog. I don’t have a reporting staff.
  2. Your luck with media outlets is usually much better if you’re not obviously forwarding an email you sent to another media outlet.
  3. Media outlets have dedicated public addresses for assignment editors. They don’t start with “letters.”
  4. Don’t ask the media to convert Tokyo time to local unless it’s necessary.
  5. Your event listing appears to be missing what the whole point of the event is.
  6. Is SeaQuest DSV coming back?
  7. I’d list the things wrong with the website, but let’s just say it’s everything, from the constant text colour changes to the lack of any specifics about what exactly this organization does.
  8. All that said, good luck with creating that united Earth government that controls the world.