André the not-so-giant

Hey, did ya hear? André Boisclair quit today. I won’t bore you by talking about the cliché-ridden farewell speech, or analyze what this means for the PQ, but point to some interesting commentary online. Some say he was arrogant. Some say he was very very arrogant to the point of being cartoonishly evil (and therefore a gift to Anglophonia).

Some say it was his soft stance on separation that made the PQ hard-liners abandon him for the ADQ. One suggests that the PQ needs to disband, and a tougher, fresher independence-centred party needs to be formed that’s sole purpose is separation. A Parti de Libération du Québec, if you will (though its three-letter abbreviation would be unfortunately confusing).

The Antagoniste asks a good question: How is a party who can’t decide on its own leader supposed to properly negotiate independence?

And then there’s Paul Wells, who had the most poignant reaction and analysis of this turn of events.

Let us laugh…

UPDATE: It wasn’t because he was gay, says Montreal gays who are about the last people who are qualified to say so. After all, he didn’t lose votes on St. Catherine Street, he lost them in the Laurentians and the Beauce and in Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!

Actually, not Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! That’s in Kamouraska-Temiswhatever, and it’s still Liberal, but you get my point.

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