Frankie’s back!

Frank Cavallaro

Frank Cavallaro, who was unceremoniously booted from CTV News Montreal when his contract wasn’t renewed on Dec. 31, has found a new job at their direct competitor CBC News.

Michel Godbout announces Frank Cavallaro hiring

Michel Godbout announced yesterday on the Montreal evening newscast that Cavallaro will become their new “weather specialist” starting in a couple of weeks. He replaces Geeta Nadkarni, who moves to environment reporting.

Frank also announced the news himself on his new blog.

One advantage that being on CBC gives him is potential international exposure. CBC Montreal puts its evening News at Six on its website in Windows Media format.

The appointment gives Montreal viewers a choice, between experience and professionalism at CBC (well, as much professionalism as a guy associated with zucchini can have anyway) and cheery perkiness of CTV’s weatherbabes.

Which of these will Montrealers choose?

UPDATE (Jan. 30): Boone compares Cavallaro with Andrew Marquis, who died shortly after being stolen away by CBC Montreal from Pulse News.

4 thoughts on “Frankie’s back!

  1. Steven Mansour

    Mi familia has a vendetta against Frank ever since he disqualified my Dad’s prize zucchini from the competition because we weren’t living on the Island of Montreal proper (they later changed the rules to include the MUC, I believe). Or so goes my Dad’s drunken tale.

    At any rate, Frank’ll likely get a big whack of zucchini off the back of the head if they should ever cross paths again. I – like most Montrealers – will stick with the perky weatherbabes. Especially when it’s cold in here.

  2. Craig Silverman

    The comment above raises the most important question regarding Frank’s job change: will he still be able to make suggestive comments about his zucchini while on the new job? I hid my face in my hands whenever I caught a promo for the contest, but I now fear I’ll miss it. Will CFCF still run the contest? Will CBC try to start up something similar? My guess is no and no. For shame.

  3. Zoey Castelino

    Frank is Italian and a Montreal icon… but Weatherbabe has near-perfect hair and a great skirt collection and often couples them with satin blouses… oh the choices… the choices…

  4. Amy (not real name)

    Frank! A plague on both his zucchinis. I cannot stand this man, and enjoyed hearing that he was booted out of CFCF. Unfortunately my joy would only last so long. My friend shuffled from her job, handed a fluffed reporter title and STUPID oh so hated Frank swoops on in. ARGH!


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