Creative Parking 2

(UPDATED with late-night shots)

You’ve seen the original. Now the all-new sequel, following the storm of the year.

12 Feet

12 feet from the sidewalk. A new record. Not anymore. See below.


There is a car in there, right?

Garage 1

It’s like a little fort!

Garage 2

A fort for a car!


Angle of parking is just a suggestion.

Snowed in 1


You have my sympathies.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the metro. You should too.

UPDATE: All of these cars are parked:

Double Parked 1

Double Parked 2

Double Parked 3

Double Parked 4

And just when I thought 12 feet was extreme:

15 Feet

This car set a new one: 15 feet from the curb. It was so far out, cars going by had to cross the yellow line. (On a six-lane street, that’s really something.)

5 thoughts on “Creative Parking 2

  1. BruB

    I say ticket. Some people have made the effort to shovel their space out. Some are clearly dangerously parked and should get ticketed. Now i’m one to talk, i’m parked in my underground garage :)

  2. mare

    Actually the worst situations are found in the alleyways behind the houses. You not only have to dig out your car (and there are mountains on snow next to it so you really have to throw the snow a couple of metres into the air) but also clean your part of the alleyway, and in my case also that of my three neighbours that don’t have cars and thus don’t shovel at all. I just spent 4 hours on it and I’m totally dead.

  3. Karine

    I’m so glad I don’t have a car anymore. It’s painful enough to navigate this crap on foot. Back when I used to have a car though, my strategy was to dig out the car as the snow fall progresses in order to avoid a big dig at the end of the storm. I also learned through a nasty stom in April of 2000 that Montreal is a winter city and there’s no point in trying to go around as if the road conditions were summer like. In any case I never believed, like those crazy people in CDN who reserve their spots that because I dug a spot that it was mine to hold on too.


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