Introducing some changes to the Fagstein blog

UPDATE: Happy April Fool’s Day, folks!

Since I started this blog back in February 2007, it’s been slowly gaining in popularity. Wooed by my oozing charm, curious web crawlers have been coming here time and time again for opinions and information about Montreal, the media and everything else I care about.

But those same people have always seemed surprised when they find out that I don’t have advertising on this site. This blog isn’t monetized in any way.

Until now.

Starting today, I’ll be introducing some small, non-invasive advertising to the website (and eventually its feeds as well for you 128 freeloaders out there subscribed to it).

I’ve also signed up for Pay Per Post, a system that will provide financial compensation in exchange for blog posts. It wasn’t an easy decision to come to, but a thick, solid line will be setup that ensures my editorial independence. I believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. I will always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences. The views and opinions expressed on this blog will be purely my own. I will never make any statement that I do not honestly believe in, no matter how much I may be offered in compensation. Anyone who requests advertising that breaks my code of ethics will be refused.

I look forward to this new era in this blog’s future, and I hope you will all enjoy the benefits that will come from the increased professionalism that this blog will show, now that it transitions from a hobby into a business.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

9 thoughts on “Introducing some changes to the Fagstein blog

  1. richard

    ugh.. man I can’t wait for april fool’s to be over, these sponsored posts are really annoying!!

    And I’m one of those feed-reading freeloaders, btw. :)

    Google Reader says that there are only 83 of us, but maybe there are others, who knows how these stats are kept..

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  3. Fagstein Post author

    83 using the current feed URL, 19 using the old RSS URL, 3 using the old atom URL, and the rest using Bloglines, Netvibes, Newsgator and others.

  4. Fagstein Post author

    Are you suggesting I would get commissions off this? That I’m somehow being influenced to endorse Gary’s because of some financial incentive? That’s crazy.

  5. Craig Silverman

    Sorry, you’re right. It’s clear that Gary’s has helped uplift your life. I can’t come up with any hard evidence to the contrary. But you may consider doing more of a soft sell, lest your pitch fail to get the desired rise out of people.


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