8 thoughts on “Does no one mourn for David Tyler?

  1. Sharon

    Well as a tribute to David, I am (as he is in many of his photos…ie Black Shirt series..hehehe) dressed in black today….mourning his passing from our daily radio routine. He will be truly missed…..almost like losing a member of the family….(one of the crazy relatives mind you….sorry David, you know I just had to….)….
    I only wish bigger and better things for him….while shedding a tear for our loss……
    What I don’t understand is how a one hour schedule change can have someone out of a job…there’s still a 1-4 slot to fill……dead air perhaps??
    Ciao David, you know we love you…!!!!
    And we’ll miss you…….

  2. N@ Lauzon

    David Tyler is a true talent, a hard worker and a remarkable guy. I’m a big fan – and as a radio colleague – none of us take joy in seeing that kind of person take a hit. But he’ll be back. :)

  3. Tom Jonas

    Very sad day in Montreal as a fixture of afternoon listening has been silenced. David Tyler is and always will be Montreal!!.. His dry wit and honest truth has always been appreciated by Montreal Q-92 listener. For what ever reason they are bringing back Terry DiMonte who left Montreal for a sweeter deal in Calgary!… he abandoned his listeners and will now be doing a one hour long distance remote from Calgary!… If you think that Q-92’s loyal woman demographic will listen to this out of town clown.. you must be kidding. Q-92 is selling out!.. They have great talent in the city yet now along with Terry Dimonte (Calgary) Maureen Holloway (Toronto)… are turing into a Pan-Canadian Station!…. what will happen when their cash-Cow Aaron Rand and Taso retire ??… There ratings are slipping fast, their music is stale and they have lost touch in what local Montreal radio should be…. LOCAL!!!!

    Unfortunately Mr. Tyler is gone… but at least he never sold out!! i hope to hear him on the airways real soon,

    Time to tune into Mix 96 and 800 CJAD I guess.

  4. So Sad


    I hope you’re reading this, because this is for you!
    You will be greatly missed! I can’t believe they got Terry back on the air and now you’re gone!! They are INSANE!!!! They have no clue what they have lost.
    I looked forward to listening to you every day. You had that special connection with your listeners. I will be checking your blog regularly to see if I can find you somewhere else on the radio. I won’t be surprised if another radio station grabs you while they can!
    I will definitely not be listening to Terry during the lunch hour.. I did today to have an open mind, but my iTunes from now on will be playing on my computer while I work!
    Q92 will definitely not be the same without you….
    Thanks for all the laughs.
    I wish you luck with your production company!

  5. Michel

    David’s company was always appreciated in the car or at home. I’ve always found his voice carried with such brilliance, and he’s a funny guy too!

    Too bad they just couldn’t shuffle the program schedule around…..

    Best of luck David!

  6. Mike

    I cannot believe that they let David go! What a bunch of ——! We used to look forward to listening to David every day from noon to 4 as he was so refreshing after having to stomach Maureen Holloway for 3 hours! What are they thinking. The only good thing that Corus has done lately is introduce AM 940 which gave us an alternative to the Aaron and Tasso show with Marc Denis who is much more entertaining and certainly more refreshing than those two! David, you will be missed as you are in a class with Marc! Bonne chance and hope to hear you back somewhere soon!

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