DiMonte to do noon-hour Q92 show from Calgary

Ad for Terry DiMonte in Monday's Gazette

Ad for Terry DiMonte in Monday's Gazette

Corus announced today that Terry DiMonte, the former CHOM morning man who left for Q107 in Calgary because CHOM wasn’t prepared to offer him a long-term contract, will return to Montreal’s airwaves starting Sept. 8 with a noon-hour talk/music show on Q92.

What’s missing from Corus’s press release, and the Presse Canadienne rewriting of it, is that DiMonte isn’t physically returning to Montreal. He’s still hosting his morning show in Calgary. Only now, after his morning shift, he’ll stay in studio and do the Montreal show remotely.

This isn’t the first time that a broadcaster has done “local” programming remotely and tried to fool people (Joe Cannon was famous for it and Global Quebec is introducing it), but the fact that Corus left it out of its press release suggests that their goal is to deliberately mislead Montreal listeners.

Fortunately, I’m relatively confident DiMonte has the moral fortitude not to outright lie to his listeners (saying “here in Montreal” or pretending his weather is the same as ours).

The Gazette’s Bill Brownstein has more.

8 thoughts on “DiMonte to do noon-hour Q92 show from Calgary

  1. Atom Ant

    Just one more (in a long string) of disappearing Montreal radio, television and newspaper jobs. Does no one care or notice?

  2. Karine

    Isn’t Maureen Holloway outside on Qc also? I remember when she was the gossipmonger on Mix96 she would phone in her bits, even saying where she was (somewhere in Ontario).

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  4. Miranda

    Welcome back Terry!! I’ve always wondered how he was doing in Calgary and I’m glad that I can
    hear his voice once again. I’m a dedicated CHOM fan but I’d rather listen to Terry then Bad Pete in anytime!!

  5. colin

    the only “steaming pile of poo” that I’m seeing is this blog. Terry is a great radio personality and an even better person. Whoever wrote this should take a lesson in credibility… your “facts” are inaccurate.

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