Bid for more La Presse dates

La Presse is once again auctioning off a date with its vedettes for charity. For a couple grand, you can have an evening with one of its hottest columnists (sorry ladies, no Foglia this time).

Patrick Lagacé, the teen heartthrob who came in dead last in 2007, is hoping his blogfame can catapult him back into contention.

I’m putting my money (well, not literally, I must remain loyal to the Christmas Fund and I don’t have thousands of dollars to throw away) on Marie-Claude Lortie, the foodie who is also the only woman available for bids, and perhaps not coincidentally is leading the bids at $2,000.

UPDATE: Lagacé came in 7th out of 10, Lortie 2nd, just behind Alexandre Vigneault. $16,706 total. Though, as dead-last loser Yves Boisvert points out, he doesn’t have a blog he can use to drum up votes.

4 thoughts on “Bid for more La Presse dates

  1. Nicolas Ritoux

    Héhé, I’m not sure you wanna go on a date with Marie-Claude, she’s a piece of work! Very strong-headed woman. Elle a les qualités de ses défauts. Moi je l’aime beaucoup mais ça m’a pris du temps ! :)))

  2. Corinthian Rick

    MC, as she likes to be called, is the gift that keeps on giving, all the peeps down at La Presse never run out of things to say about her. I shall leave it at that.


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