Mix … err, Virgin Radio 96 launches website

Behold the cookie-cutterness

Behold the cookie-cutterness

CJFM 95.9’s new website is still pretty rudimentary. A list of shows (each with its own really uninteresting blog – posts like “It’s cold outside” and “It’s still cold outside“), and a list of the 1,300 artists on its playlist. Perhaps the most useful thing is the list of recently played songs.

Lest you think any actual design went into it, don’t worry. Besides the colour scheme it’s pretty well identical to Ottawa’s Virgin Radio website (R.I.P. The Bear 106.9).

And in case that’s not enough suck for you, well there’s that picture of Ryan Seacrest above.

P.S. According to Astral Media’s legal notice:

  • You may view the website on only one computer, and it must be at your home
  • You may not view the website for commercial purposes
  • You may not link to the website if your website contains material that “may be construed as distasteful, offensive or controversial”
  • Astral may withdraw a third party’s right to link at any time in its sole discretion.”
  • Users waive all rights to any stories, ideas, drawings, opinions and other materials posted on Astral’s Web site. Furthermore, Users may only post materials which they alone have created.”

7 thoughts on “Mix … err, Virgin Radio 96 launches website

  1. ploik359


    Could a kind soul help me?

    I am trying to find a song in the list of songs at Virgin radio Montreal, but the list keeps going back to page one!!!

    The list contains 243 pages so I figure I could find the title of the song that played Monday evening ( last evening Monday Feb 02 2009 ), but as I mentioned the list takes me back to page one after I have reached maybe page 20 or 21 …

    Do they have a list in text instead of the list they have that provides a photo of the artist and takes forever to down load ( and keeps tacking me back to page one ) ?

    Thank you.

  2. chad

    hello fagstein

    I have viewed your postings regarding cjfm 95.9 earning it’s globalized branding Virgin Radio 96. Let me begin diplomatically, but get ready to hold your breath once get to the rub on your analogy as that won’t be very pretty. mix 96 was the very radio station I predominantly grew up with ever since I listened to it on the school buses radio stations back in the 1980s ckgm to begin with and sometimes chom 97.7 fm or cfqr 92.5 fm. Infact I have the blue mix 96 rainbow sticker I put on my bicycle to show my appreciation.

    As well as you miss the yesterday brand mix 96 and was just as sad as you are which is only natural and to see Murray Sherriffs go as I also like him who appeared on The Weather Network back in 1995. I myself was searching for answers to what and why as you did until it appeared it The Suburban paper when Cohen interviewed him so now I can rest easy now that we found out what and why.

    Other than that it is now time to scratch the surfice. I’m NOT saying that your NOT suppose to be entitled to your opinion, but I REALLY don’t appreciate your outright nasty and condesending remarks about upping mix 96 to Virgin Radio 96 from the tone of your voice by calling taking the step foreward the cookie cutter and using vile words on Seacrest in which by the way doesn’t mean I’m an RJ Daniels hater so I love the guy, too.

    For your information Ryan Seacrest was hosting AT40 since 2004 every Saturday morning at 9 even when MIX 96 WAS MIX 96. I love Seacrest, too as I enjoy having him on radio as he always gives more spice to the show every week night along with American Top 40.

    In any case RJ Daniels continues with the Montreal weather forecast and hockey news breifs within intervals and then closes the remainder of the show from 10 PM to 12 midnight, so no such loss there. Very “FRANKLY” FAGSTEIN very soon Astral might sack your rant and rave rhetoric as I will be in favor of that decision Astral could very soon consider taking against your sheer rhetric as you might as well call off your crab squad, wake the HELL up and join the 21st century. Your propaganda of rants and rave is just SO NOT GONNA FLY.

    In case you and and the rest of your crab gang forgot Virgin is UK based as I read that one of your fellow baffoons of the crab sqaud gribed about the highly recognized english radio station of good old Montreal being too American where as Virgin is NOT AMERICAN and talking all down on poor Heather Backman for having American talent? WHAT’S THAT? Now as for you as the leader of the crab squad pass the message to your fellow crab members and the whole gang know that you and your fellow sheep earned your nickname as the crab squad as all these remarks that you guys made about the rebranding is as bad as crab bites. There now that should wake you up.

  3. Jon

    The website’s not really anything spectacular – a bit of an improvement from the last one.

    However, it’s the list of songs recent played that comes to my attention.
    There’s a tendency for it to miss out or skip certain songs, and some of the information linked to certain songs are wrong. What is also erratic is how one or two random songs will appear
    listed as being played at the same time as the actual song.

    For instance: “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson would be identified as “If I Were a Boy” by Beyonce.

    I wonder if there’s anyone at the station who notices this?


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