Another newspaper doesn’t like Mondays

Message from the publisher in Victoria Times-Colonist, May 9, Page A2

Message from the publisher in Victoria Times-Colonist, May 9, Page A2

The Victoria Times-Colonist announced in Saturday’s paper that, because of the weakened economy and the business crisis facing newspapers, the TC will stop printing on Mondays as of June 22.

That’s a week before the National Post does a similar cost-cutting measure. The difference is that the TC move isn’t temporary and they’re not producing a smaller online-only edition, just promising to post breaking news online seven days a week.

(The TC story is closed to comments, but the Globe and Mail story about it is open.)

The Times-Colonist case is also unusual because the newspaper will still print both Saturdays and Sundays. Unlike most other Canadian newspapers, the TC has a strong Sunday paper with plenty of advertising.

I’m not sure if this is a coincidence, but the this-week-in-history column in Sunday’s paper focuses on the decision of Victoria’s two newspapers, the Times and Colonist, to move in together and share space, though keep their editorial matters separate. We all know how that turned out.

2 thoughts on “Another newspaper doesn’t like Mondays

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  2. Sid

    I hated it when the gazoo went to a sunday edition and I couldn’t get ALL the sports scores results on Monday morning.


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