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Montreal Geography Trivia No. 35


This broken barrier near the shore rather unceremoniously marks the end of what famous Montreal street?

UPDATE: This is, indeed, the northern terminus of St. Denis St. It is a tiny (and one might argue completely useless) cul-de-sac that extends just a bit past Somerville Ave.

5 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 35

  1. Michel K

    Let’s see. I was going to guess Saint-Laurent but I found out that it ends when it turns into Somerville just above Gouin. Same with Saint-Hubert and Parc-Stanley. And Papineau and Pie-IX go over to Laval, so I’m going to say Saint-Denis. Final answer!!!

  2. Jean Naimard

    Yeah, I will say St-Denis too; the large roof building right next to the little canadian house are quite visible on Boulevard des Prairies in Laval.

  3. Sheldon Harvey

    Not a completely useless dead-end, particularly if you’re a birdwatcher! A nice close traffic free view of the waterfront is always appreciated by birders


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