Just call him MiCam

You know, if I’m going to make fun of V for spelling mistakes, it’s only fair that I point out errors by the networks with higher budgets:

A typo during Le Verdict (Episode 3)

I realize even Habs players can’t spell Cammalleri (and I’m sure it’s been wrong at least a dozen times in my newspaper), but this is Radio-Canada primetime, folks.

UPDATE: A bunch of people have pointed out that Bell also has trouble checking the spelling of “Cammalleri”.

8 thoughts on “Just call him MiCam

    1. Nancy

      To me, that’s actually a pretty big issue. Goes to show how the media of today has gotten beyond sloppy and doesn’t even do the legwork anymore, especially for something as easy as double-checking the spelling of someone’s last name.

  1. Derek Cassoff

    The bigger question is how does Cammalleri, as great a season as he had, even make a list with Lafleur, Beliveau, Richard and Dryden?

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Michel Villeneuve asked the same question during the show, except he said it was Alex Kovalev who had no business being grouped in with them.

      1. Seth

        I’m surprised that any of the following weren’t on the list: Harvey, Boom Boom, Plante, H. Richard, Shutt, Gainey, Robinson, Cournoyer, Mahovlich or Savard.


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