Heather Backman leaves CJFM, opening afternoon host job

Heather Backman

From Milkman Unlimited we get the news that “Virgin Radio 96” (CJFM 95.9) has lost afternoon host Heather Backman (“Heather B”, in their our-hosts-have-no-last-names style) to Q104 in Cleveland (I hope they spend more money on their hosts than their web designers).

Asked about her move, Backman told me it was simply a question of a better job opportunity: “Afternoon drive in a major market. … Couldn’t say no!”

UPDATE (Feb. 1): Backman introduces herself to her new Cleveland audience by way of a video on Facebook. (via Brave New TV)

The departure opens up the afternoon host job here. The shift is 1-4pm weekdays, and a Saturday afternoon once a month from 1-5pm.

Interested parties with at least three years of on-air experience and who want to drink the “contemporary hit radio” Kool-Aid can send a resume, cover letter and MP3 demo to “brand director” Mark Bergman at mbergman@astral.com by Feb. 4.

9 thoughts on “Heather Backman leaves CJFM, opening afternoon host job

    1. Shawn

      That was my thought, too. And who was the PQ minister who famously said that withour French culture, Montreal would be just like Cleveland? He didn’t mean it as a compliment.

  1. jay

    spent a week in cleveland back in 02, i actually enjoyed it! but its a tiny city compared to montreal. Thumbs Repas home town

  2. Kimberly Zimmer

    Just read in Bill Brownstein’s article that Heather will be co-hosting on CHOM with Terry DiMonte… THAT’s a strange match-up I just don’t get.

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