The Jewel in Hudson hires Tasso for mid-morning show

Paul Zakaib, aka Tasso Patsikakis

Paul Zakaib, aka Tasso Patsikakis

The Jewel 106.7 FM in Hudson is running a listener contest to guess who their new on-air personality is. I hate to spoil the fun, but it’s Tasso.

Paul Zakaib, known on air as Tasso Patsikakis and Aaron Rand’s long-time morning show co-host on Q92, will be doing the 10am to noon shift on the easy-listening off-island station starting April 8, according to two independent sources who are in a position to know this but not in a position to publicly confirm it until the contest is over.

After being dumped from the Q’s morning show in 2009, he resurfaced in 2011 to do the afternoon show on ethnic station Mike FM with his friend and colleague Patrick Charles. Charles left the station, and in 2013 Tasso left too.

Zakaib and the station have been in talks for a while now. Some details are still unclear, such as how much of the old Aaron and Tasso morning show shtick Tasso will bring along with him.

16 thoughts on “The Jewel in Hudson hires Tasso for mid-morning show

  1. ted duskes

    Glad to see he is coming back. 106.7 has become THE radio station for my wife and myself and luckily it is easily listenable in the car in Western Laval and the on-line feed is great in the house, where we cannot tune it in. Good luck, Paul….

  2. Sue Grand

    YAY! Everybody LOVES Tasso!! Do we get that station in Kirkland? Will definitely find it somehow.
    Best news of the day.

  3. Brett Morris

    Tasso was the only reason I listened to Mike FM and now that he’s on the Jewl I will defiantly listen online.

  4. Media Man

    So let’s see, the Jewel and 947 HitsFM creeping into West Island audiences….Is The Beat and Virgin Radio taking notice..surely this takes in some of their listeners….Are they taking notice.. or being complacent..What’s next A West Island station?

  5. Dilbert

    The Jewel seems to be following a very good formula, that of scraping up the dropped “names” from the Montreal radio world and giving them a new home, where they can reach the majority of their previous listeners.

    My guess is that the Jewel will take a little while to get going, but will in the end get some very good ratings, considering it’s size and signal strength. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a few years from now an attempt to increase power and coverage into Montreal.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      I wouldn’t be shocked to see a few years from now an attempt to increase power and coverage into Montreal.

      That’s unlikely because it has to avoid interfering with CKIN-FM on 106.3, and there aren’t other frequencies available in the Montreal area. Plus, because it’s licensed to cover Hudson/St-Lazare and not Montreal, it can’t argue that it needs better coverage in Montreal.

  6. Linda Lillian Chantelois

    Tasso and Ted definitely rock I feel like I know your guys from CHOM days to Q92 but now I’m a true 106.7 fan I love the morning drive singing the old tunes and brightening my day to my drive back at the end of a long day the old tunes really change my mood and mind Thank you have a Blessed day to the staff team that make 106.7 the best

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